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YES Board

Yes Board

Multi-Patient Dashboard | Real-Time Situational Awareness

Timely Patient Care Delivery Based on Pertinent Information Resulting in Higher Provider & Patient Satisfaction

What the Mayo Clinic YES Board® Offers:
  • Continuous updates providing a big-picture view of patient flow with health status and care team warnings.

  • Allows more patient care time and less time spent on data/information reviews.

  • Eliminates information barriers for faster care delivery.

  • Multi-patient view that is HIPAA compliant and available anywhere a monitor is displayed.

  • Situational awareness, or a big-picture view, for the entire care team of exactly what’s going on in their department.

  • Access case details at the patient level from any workstation or tablet.

  • A “Replay” feature that enhances your ability to do process reviews or support Six Sigma initiatives.


This is a Web-based, self-populating system that will serve as the central location for critical warnings, updates on patient status, and availability of various testing modalities and results.


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Mayo Clinic YES Board® – Proven Results

  • Improved Outcomes

  • Improved Patient Safety

  • Improved Staff Efficiency

  • Improved Patient and Provider Satisfaction

Mayo Clinic Yes Board Features

Emergency Department Example:

  • „ Patient Information: Patient’s current status is displayed graphically.

  • „ Care Team Information: Provides details about current care team and availability of on-call staff.

  • „ Facility Information: Shows facility status, including bed availability, operating room status, etc.

  • „ Community Information: Provides community status such as diversions to other facilities, weather conditions, etc.

Infomedika has a partnership with Mayo Clinic to provide a seamless integration with YES Board.