Assistance every step of the way!

INFOMEDIKA INC provides assistance on each step of the implementation and technical support.


Expert personnel can help you maximize your IT investment. Specializing in technology solutions, we offer a wide variety of products to meet clients' needs. They rely on our company to improve productivity and establish a competitive advantage.


Value Added Services to our Solutions

Our ample experience and client retention history is evidence to our commitment to high quality service. Our staff makes a multidisciplinary and versatile workforce that enables our clients, through training and support, to achieve system value realization.  


Customer Support personnel are available 24/7 to quickly address any high priority concerns. System updates and enhancements are periodically provided to:

  • Facebook Clean
  • Twitter Clean
  • Google+ Clean
  • LinkedIn Clean
  • Improve user experience

  • Meet federal and state regulatory requirements

  • Extend investment value

Infomedika collaborates with its clients to create a Project Plan using Microsoft tools based on our extensive past experience. 

Project Management

The project team works closely with your staff in a joint effort to complete the implementation and training objectives as planned. Infomedika’s capability to organize, evaluate, and distribute resources and information, allows project completion to be efficient and cost effective. 


System Implementation

Infomedika provides dedicated IT and clinical professionals who offer personal support throughout the implementation process. Foundational content, configurable to your environment, is provided to simplify and expedite the process.


We offer personalized, customized training so that our clients understand and benefit from all the system offers. Our technical consulting experts are responsible for training the various departments that comprise each system.


The training material is structured with objectives and schedules to enable clients to meet their needs and goals, to make the best use of our solutions. Our approach is focused on task and practice analysis. Complimentary courses help our clients to keep abreast with updates and system enhancements.




System Maintenance & Support

Following completion of the system installation, customer support services are made available 7/24, 365 days a year for our clients through our Customer Support System. It integrates telephone support with direct access to our customer service personnel through the internet for each of our applications. The system streamlines customer service, enables tracking of calls, and reduces the time it takes to deliver service.


The knowledge base of similar situations expedites the resolution of concerns by our technical experts. Registration for training courses and future events are made available online through our Customer Support System.