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Blood Bank

Heamonetics, Blood Bank Solutions
Blood Bank Solutions

Blood Bank Tracking Control


Remote blood inventory and bedside transfusion management system.


Haemonetics is focused on helping optimize blood management by:

1. Preventing an unneeded blood transfusion to the patient.

2. Providing the patient with a need-specific, accurate and timely administered blood product.


To achieve these goals, Haemonetics has developed an integrated but modular suite of solutions to ensure that each link in the blood supply chain is optimized to reduce costs, eliminate waste and provide better patient care.



Take control with the BloodTrack suite 

The BloodTrack® suite of solutions is an extension of your hospital’s blood bank information system. The BloodTrack system secures, verifies and monitors your blood supply chain electronically from the blood bank, to remote storage locations, to the nurse’s station, and finally to the patient’s bedside. As a result, customers who have implemented the BloodTrack suite of products have seen an increase in patient safety, a decrease in blood inventory, and a significant reduction in staff workload.

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