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Evolution EHR

EHR certifies complete
EHR- Electronic Healthcare Record


Evolution EHR is a patient centered data repository. It integrates health information from hospital patient related services.


What are the benefits of an electronic medical record system?
  • Patient Outcomes: better clinical decisions and prevention through drug and allergy alerts and decision support tools

  • Care CoordinationAll care providers have access to review and update the patient centered medical record. 

  • Cost EfficientEasy access to past orders and results reduce duplicity.

  • Emergency Care: Effective critical care treatment with access to the complete problem history, treatments, and medications for the patient


What is stored in the electronic medical record?

The electronic medical record of a patient contains demographics, medical history, medications, lab results, radiology results, and medical and surgical notes. Evolution EHR will allow you meet the Meaningful Use Rule. You can see a graph of the compliance percentage with each criteria and quality measure.


Evolution EHR Highlighted Features
  • Comprehensive patient demographics and vital signs.

  • Extensive patient and family member medical history viewing and completion.

  • Clinical decision support to improve patient care using protocols.

  • EHR import, export and encryption capabilities.

  • Clinical summary dashboard.

  • Patient education

  • Medication reconciliation

  • Submission of immunization registries according with the HL7 standards.

  • Longitudinal Problem List using ICD9/10.

  • Longitudinal Procedure List using ICD9/10.

  • Longitudinal Medication List (active and history).

  • Drug-Drug & Drug-Allergy interaction checks in real time.

  • CPOE (computerized provider order entry) for medications, labs, radiology, diets, etc.

  • Document imaging (scanning).

  • Clinical documentation using customized templates

  • Diet Orders

  • Electronic copy of health information for discharge summary in human readable format

  • Print medical referrals

  • Generate an electronic copy of health information based on exchange standards (C32-CCD).

  • Automates Meaningful Use measure calculation

  • Vast reporting functionalities


  • Bilingual User interface (English & Spanish)

  • User Friendly

  • Secure

  • Affordable

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Flexible and customizable

  • Cost Effective

Evolution EHR - Simplify your operations so your staff can focus on better Healthcare!