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Infomedika creates the best environment with its EVOLUTION software.

EVOLUTION encompasses a wide healthcare software spectrum including clinical care, ancillary systems, patient management, and finance amongst others. The patient centered EHR provides clinical staff with integrated results. It enables effective and efficient clinical decisions and improved patient outcomes, regardless of the environment where care is provided. EVOLUTION’s flexibility and scalability, enables the integration of existing legacy and departmental systems.  


The EVOLUTION database provides a virtual longitudinal patient record that can be accessed by EVOLUTION applications and any ODBC-compliant program.The system is truly open, allowing clients to choose the hardware platform, networking client devices, and database access tools which best fit their strategic direction. Evolution runs on a Windows Microsoft SQL Platform.

The addition of a Microsoft Windows graphical user interface and a tiered architecture has further increased flexibility and ease of use. Touch screen navigation makes EVOLUTION very attractive to clinical users.

High availability of information across the continuum of care with adequate protection of confidential data improves productivity and helps the clinician manage care.


Intuitive based user interfaces enables certain functionalities such as viewing clinical results enhancing the user experience.


INFOMEDIKA evaluates innovative technology relevant to EVOLUTION from three perspectives: the end-user, the systems manager, and the executive buyer of a HIS System.


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