Our Company


understands healthcare and its complex workflow and regulatory requirements. That is why our products are the right answer to efficient healthcare management demands.

We are committed to provide and maintain the healthcare industry at the forefront of information technologies in areas such as services, finance, and administration.

We have been providing services to

the Healthcare Information Technology Industry in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America for the last 35 years. We offer a complete set of services including design, development and implementation, support and enhancements of information systems, consulting, and training.


Our client support and monitoring services track every call, action and resolution for our clients.



Our I.T. Center is currently equipped with the most advanced technology. It also serves as a customer support and testing facility. 

As a market leader in PR, Infomedika's clients enjoy robust financial applications addressing viability demands of high Medicare and Medicaid populations.  

Infomedika Origins


Founded in 1979, Infomedika today remains privately held and is led by the original company founders. With an average client tenure of 10+ years, Infomedika is devoted to providing comprehensive clinical, financial, and administrative software solutions and services.  


Assist the Healthcare Industry to achieve its automation goals using the most advanced and cost efficient technology.


To maintain leadership in technology and have our clients be the beneficiaries of leading healthcare information system applications and services.


We will inspect, evaluate, and improve our solutions to meet and exceed the healthcare information technology needs of our clients. 


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